Jim attends Advanced Insulated Concrete Forms school in WV

On July 31, 2009, Jim attended an advanced class on working with Insulated Concrete Forms in Beckley, WV put on to show industry professionals enhanced techniques in whole-house ICF construction. The class focused on constructing entire houses of insulated concrete forms and the techniques involved in attaching floor systems, to the concrete walls, improved methods of assembling the forms for maximum efficiency, and correct concrete placement in the forms to obtain proper consolidation. Because the ICF forms allow continuing hydration of the concrete over a long period of time, the concrete is able to obtain 125% of its design strength. Houses built of ICF forms are famous for being able to withstand the destructive impact of hurricanes and tornadoes with minimal damage. Texas Tech has successfully fired a 2X4 from a cannon into the side of an ICF home with no damage to the interior of the home (the 2X4 shattered). They also achieve the maximum possible in energy efficiency and sound attenuation.Jim has previously done 8 projects from ICF forms including 4 daylight walkout basements.